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Milan Kučan on the passive US stance regarding the recognition of Slovenia

Ljubljana, 19 December - "The protection of the human rights, the rights of the nations and especially the protection of the minorities in the united Europe is based on the antifascist struggle and that is a fact that has not been properly recognized", said the President of the Presidency of the Republic of Slovenia Mr. Milan Kučan in a lengthier interview for the Slovenian state TV network. President Kučan also commented upon the passive stance of the USA regarding the recognition of Slovenia:" I want to stress that the US always claimed that the Yugoslav crisis is a European problem that should resolved by the European Community. Nevertheless the US became strongly involved already at the very beginning. They consistently claimed that Yugoslavia should be conserved. This stance precluded the search for the resolution of the Yugoslav crisis. I can not recall a situation where the State Department would put such a strain on the international political community. What is at stake is their strategic interest for the area that has been drastically deminished after the fall of the Berlin wall, as Europe practically freed itself from political, military and bloc divisions. An important reason spawning their doubts was their great concern regarding an uncontrolled dissolution of the Soviet Union that might be promulgated by the Slovenian virus, if an international recognition would be too fast. Thus even now they think that Slovenia initiated the war in Yugoslavia. The grounds for such a stance are however non existent, as the Soviet Union would disintegrate even without the example of Slovenia. There is another point to the story regarding the relation between the US and the united Europe. The united Europe will be different from the one of the time of political divisions. The united Germany is a prime economic force in Europe. The US are quick to assert that the recognition is being promoted by the states that attacked and occupied Yugoslavia during the WW2. This assertion is, no matter how unfounded it may be, dangerous for Slovenia." Mr. Kučan also addressed the continuing efforts of Slovenia directed towards a resolution of the Yugoslav crisis especially in the context of the international recognition to follow after January 15.

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