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A statement of Dr. Drnovšek for STA

Ljubljana, 19 December - "I deem the decision of the EC to be a positive one, since it appears that the Twelve appeased their mutual disagreements and found a way towards the recognition of Slovenia and Croatia. This is certainly a positive outcome for Slovenia, since a unilateral recognition by Germany alone without the consent of the other members of the EC, would put us in a rather difficult position. It was not our intention that the case of Slovenia would divide other countries", said Dr. Janez Drnovšek in an interview for the STA, while evaluating the decision of the EC on the common guidelines for the recognition of the Yugoslav republics. "It is clear that the EC is seeking a solution applicable to different conditions existing in different Yugoslav republics. Macedonia is not the toughest problem and I think that she will apply for an international recognition. There are considerable problems in Bosnia and Herzegowina and we are not sure at this point whether she is to apply for an international recognition or not. On the one side the concentration of the Yugoslav Army in Bosnia is overwhelming, while on the other side the Serbian ethnic group might stand against the demands for an international recognition insisting in turn on the annexation with Serbia or on the retention of some form of Yugoslavia. Will Bosnia take advantage of the offered opportunity until December 23 or will she wait for a joint political solution? I deem the Conference on Yugoslavia in the Hague will continue shortly and that appropriate solution for the Yugoslav crisis will be sought for there."

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