A statement of Dr. Drnovšek regarding the changes in the Army Headquarters

Ljubljana, 9 January - In a statement for STA Dr. Janez Drnovšek said, that following the resignation of General Veljko Kadijević the transformation of the Yugoslav Army into a Serbian Army has reached its final stage. Dr. Drnovšek surmises that the views of General Kadijević were definitively Yugoslav in orientation and that he tried to stop the Yugoslav Army from falling completely under a Serbian sphere of influence. It is also true that General Kadijević lately had difficulties regarding his health. In his statement Dr. Drnovšek said that he hopes that the changes in the Army Headquarters will not hamper the peace process as General Kadijević was nevertheless a trustworthy partner trying his best to alleviate the advent of the UN peace keeping forces. There are however many unknowns regarding the continuation of the peace process, thus Dr. Drnovšek. It is also his opinion that the Serbian politics is willing to endorse peace and the advent of the peace keeping forces, since this is its only way out of an all out war and an apology directed towards the Serbian people, added Dr. Drnovšek pointing out also the grave problems that Serbia is facing due to the existence of Krajinas.

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