The European monitors have not been granted permission to fly

Zagreb, 9 January - General Andrija Rašeta stated today, that the Federal Air Traffic Control did not grant permission to fly to the helicopter of the European Monitoring Mission. Just after midnight, giving his statement in the Zagreb hotel "I", General Rašeta said that the monitors asked for permission to fly on the relation Kapošvar - Zagreb, but the permission has not been granted. The press representative of the European Monitoring Mission, Mr. Joao da Silva, refused to comment on this statement. The Monitoring Mission is still awaiting an official answer as to what really happened and intends to resume its activities on Saturday, January 11. General Rašeta also said that the Sarajevo agreement relates only to the cessation of fire on ground targets. A member of the Headquarters of the Croatian Army, General Imre Agotić, said that the statement given by Rašeta is ridiculous and that the Sarajevo agreement demands cessation of all activities of the air forces.

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