Lojze Peterle on his visit to Vienna

Ljubljana, 9 January - The President of the Slovenian Government, Mr. Lojze Peterle, expressed contentment regarding his recent visit to Vienna. The conversations with Chancellor Vranitzky revolved around bilateral relations, the political situation in Yugoslavia, while Mr. Vranitzky also promised to offer his personal commitment regarding a better financial collaboration with Slovenia. Mr. Peterle and Mr. Vranitzky talked also about the control of the air corridors, the day of the diplomatic recognition of Slovenia and about the good relations existing between different Ministries of Slovenia and Austria. The Ministry relations between Slovenia and Austria are well developed principally due to the continuing efforts of the representative of the Republic of Slovenia in Austria, Mr. Karel Smolle, thus Mr. Peterle. Shortly several Austrian Ministers will visit Slovenia including the Chancellor Franz Vranitzky. Mr. Peterle and Mr. Vranitzky also discussed issues pertaining to the situation in the former Yugoslavia and the prospects of the Hague peace process. Both parties were pessimistic regarding these issues.

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