The European Bank expresses content regarding the possibilities of development in Slovenia

Ljubljana, 16 January - The delegation of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development ended its visit to Slovenia today with a conclusion, that the Slovenian economy has excellent possibilities for a full incorporation into European associations and market processes. The Vice-President of the European Bank, Dr. Kurt Hoffarth, stated at a press conference that the international recognition of Slovenia does not by itself put an end to the ailments of the Slovenian economy. The extraordinary geographical position, the closeness of the international markets and the high level of technology should, however, enable the new state to overcome the difficulties. "We will give you our full support in the sanation of the economy, the banking and the financial sector", stated Dr. Hoffarth. The guests expressed their views that presently the top priorities in Slovenia should be the state sector, finances, energetics, transport and communications, as they are of utmost value for the development of the private sector. Mr. Roy Knighton, being responsible for transport and communications at the European Bank, stressed the importance of Slovenian highways for the European transport, as the incorporation of Eastern Europe into the common market will put substantial weight on the Slovenian highways, connecting the East and the West. As the Government advisor, Dr. Boris Pleskovič, stated for STA, there are not setbacks that would prevent Slovenia from joining this international organization already in this year. The cooperation will commence even before Slovenia will become a full member of the European Bank, being especially directed towards the financing of the private business sector.

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