End of the sessions of the working parties of the Conference on Yugoslavia in Brussels

Brussels, 16 January - A two-day session of the three working parties for economic relations, institutions and human rights of the Peace Conference on Yugoslavia, attended by the representatives of all the republics of the former Yugoslavia, ended today. In view of the new situation, following the international recognition of Slovenia and Croatia, the leaders of the working party on economic relations suggested to continue the talks on separate grounds with the representatives of all the republics, or respectively the new states. The representatives of Slovenia in all the three working parties suggested that, in view of the new situation following the recognition of Slovenia and Croatia, the presidency of the Conference establish a fourth working party of the Conference for questions regarding the legal succession of the states of the former Yugoslavia. Until now this suggestion evoked no response among the other participants of the Conference, while the representatives of Slovenia argued that this is the right time for raising these issues if the Conference is to continue its useful and productive work.

© STA, 1992