International recognition of Slovenia - an overview

Ljubljana, 16 January - Till 8 p.m. today Slovenia has been recognized by 30 states. It has been recognized already in the past year by Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Byelorus, Georgia, Ukraine, Iceland, Sweden and Germany. The recognition of Sweden and Germany came into effect on January 15. The first state to recognize Slovenia in this year was the state of Vatican, followed by San Marino. On January 15 Slovenia was recognized by Danmark, Austria, Switzerland, Malta, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Hungary, Poland, Norway, Bulgaria, Australia and Canada. On the following day Slovenia was recognized by the Czech and Slovak Federation, Italy, Spain, New Zealand and Chile. The recognition has been pre-announced also by some South American states and Turkey. The agreements on the establishment of diplomatic relations with Slovenia have been reached with nine states, including Germany, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Iceland. The agreements on the establishment of diplomatic relations are being prepared with Croatia, Italy, Danmark and the Ukraine, while those with Spain, Sweden, Czech and Slovak Federation and Luxemburg have been pre-announced.

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