Schedule of Events for Saturday, 30 April

Ljubljana, 29 April - Below is a schedule of events for Saturday, 30 April:

NOVA GORICA - The border cities of Nova Gorica, Slovenia, and Gorizia, Italy, are to jointly celebrate the first anniversary of Slovenia's EU membership. A ceremony is scheduled to take place at 4 PM at a square on the state border. (STA)

NOVA GORICA - Nova Gorica mayor Mirko Brulc and his counterpart from Gorizia Vittorio Brancati are to clean symbolically the WWII monument at Trnovo which had been desecrated with Nazi and Fascist slogans on the eve of Resistance Day.

LJUBLJANA - Workers are to be addressed by Slovenian and EU trade union leaders as well as EU Ambassador to Slovenia Erwan Fouere at a traditional Labour Day bonfire scheduled for 8 PM. Similar events are to take place around the country.

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