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21:38 RU News roundup - Wednesday, 25 March
21:31 HE Major shipment of protective equipment in Slovenia
21:26 PO Slovenia urges expert opinion on COVID-19 transmission via food
20:44 PO Govt appoints SDS MP Godec state secretary in PM's office
19:00 SE Schedule of events for Thursday, 26 March (adds)
meeting of four presidents
18:41 PO First convoy of Serbs stuck in Slovenia on the way home
18:10 HE Fifth Slovenian Covid-19 victim confirmed (adds)
corrected number of persons tested positive in para 5
17:48 AC Govt submits bid for UNESCO listing of Lipizzan horses
17:21 PO Slovenia requests tax and tariff exemption for medical gear imports
17:05 PO Nine EU leaders, including Janša, urge joint borrowing in Europe (adds)
adds more detail form the letter in final eight para
16:05 BE Stock market index continues to recover
15:00 RU News roundup - Wednesday, 25 March, until 3pm
14:54 AS Weather: Snow and rain, windy
14:06 PO No hold-ups at Austria border checkpoints
13:55 AC Jančar wins Austrian State Prize for European Literature
12:51 BE Tourism not yet affected in February, but drastic drop to follow
12:50 PO Proposal to give army limited police powers on hold for now (adds)
details throughout
11:47 HE Slovenia not planning additional lockdown restrictions for now
11:18 PO Govt emergency response unit dissolved (adds)
details throughout
9:45 HE Ljubljana animal shelter preparing to admit animals of Covid-19 patients
8:27 PO Delo says optimism restored, time to look forward
8:08 PO Daily headlines - Wednesday, 25 March
6:30 AS Weather: Cloudy, chilly and windy
1:00 BE Dnevnik finds government corona crisis package modest
1:00 BE Večer commends government on coronavirus aid package
1:00 BE Finance reflects on job market upset
0:15 SE Schedule of events for Wednesday, 25 March
0:05 AD News from Slovenia
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