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Politics Press Review 10:13

Delo advises caution in approaching ex-socialist EU members

The new EU leadership as well as the European People's Party (EPP) should be cautious in approaching the east European members which violate the rule of law and European values, since a wrong approach could deepen gaps in Europe, the newspaper Delo says in Friday's commentary Orban's Altar.

Politics Press Review 9:16

Delo comments on facial recognition technology risks

The newspaper Delo comments on Friday on the risks of powerful facial recognition technology following an uproar in the US as it transpired that the authorities have been using an algorithm by Clearview AI, which draws data from people's profiles on social networks.

Politics Press Review 9:14

Dnevnik bothered by attempts to dismiss philharmonic director

The newspaper Dnevnik comments on the "latest chapter in the saga on the Slovenian Philharmonics" after Culture Minister Zoran Poznič recently launched the procedure to dismiss Marjetica Mahne as director of the Slovenian Philharmonic. This time Mahne broke the rule of silence and spoke up, it says.

Arts 8:00

Scientific vaudeville to explore human evolution, fate

A major theatre production, 2020, directed by Ivica Buljan based on writings by contemporary Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari, will open at Cankarjev Dom in Ljubljana on Saturday. The scientific vaudeville is focusing on human evolution and fate in a "clever, entertaining and educational" manner.

Society 6:30

Weather: One more sunny day

Another sunny day is expected in Slovenia on Friday before the weather turns sour on the weekend. Morning fog will be possible in some low-lying areas, especially Pomurje in the north-east, where it could linger throughout the day.

Politics Press Review 1:00

Mladina offers alternative to Slovenian army's development

The weekly Mladina says the White Paper on the Slovenian Armed Forces, unveiled this week, "is another retro document of long-time bluffing about our ability to have a serious army". It explores the reasons why the army is not interesting even to the most zealous of militants and offers specialisation as an alternative course of its development.