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Business 12:19

Poclain Hydraulics posts record sales growth

Poclain Hydraulics, the Žiri-based maker of hydraulic valves, saw revenue grow 24% to EUR 41 million last year to return to the sales level achieved in 2018 on the back of a rebound in global demand and expansion to the US market.

Business 12:17

Wages up in private sector in March, down in public sector

Slovenians earned an average EUR 1,306.68 in take-home pay for March, up 1.2% compared with the net earnings a year ago. Free from Covid-19 bonuses, net salaries in the public sector in fact fell by 6.2% as those in the private sector rose by as much on average, shows fresh data from the Statistics Office.

Society 11:33

Supreme Court annuls sentence in cannabis-laced cookie incident

The Supreme Court has annulled the 15-month suspended sentence handed out to a confectioner from Hoče for baking THC-laced cookies to a health inspector back in August 2017 and offering them to customers. The court said that it had not been proven in the trial that Nik Štekar had known that the cookies contained THC, the newspaper Večer reports.

Society 11:08

Debate about Swedish model pointless, says immunologist

The new government has indicated it will follow the Swedish model in its plans to prepare Slovenia for a potential new Covid-19 wave in the autumn. However, Alojz Ihan, a respected immunologist, says it does not make sense discussing the Swedish model because the country is now in a different phase of the epidemic.

Business 9:44

Paradajz produced record 5,200 tonnes of tomatoes last year

The greenhouse tomato grower Paradajz from Renkovci in north-eastern Slovenia last year produced a record 5,200 tonnes of tomatoes, up from the average annual figure of 4,500 tonnes. Compared to 2020, sales were up by 30% to EUR 12.4 million, while net profit remained level at EUR 1.6 million.

Politics Press Review 9:03

Reporter humours the right by criticising new coalition

The weekly newspaper Reporter marks its 14th anniversary in the latest editorial by offering a critique aimed at the outgoing government as well as at the Robert Golob coalition, which the newspaper says is too leftist.