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Večer says no reasons in Slovenia to celebrate book day

The newspaper Večer says in Tuesday's commentary that there are not many reasons in Slovenia to celebrate World Book and Copyright Day, as quality fiction and humanities books, those that depend on state subsidies, are not in a very good shape.

Arts Apr 20, 2024, 18:17

Sound of prehistoric silver fir at a concert in Ljubljana

Musical instruments made from an ancient silver fir trunk discovered during a nature restoration project in the Triglav National Park last year will premiere at a concert in Ljubljana tonight given by Bakalina Velika, an experimental world music band.

Arts Apr 20, 2024, 16:35

Borl Castle reopens after renovation

A medieval castle perched high on a rock above the River Drava in the Cirkulane municipality in the north-eastern Slovenia reopened to visitors on Saturday following a EUR 2 million restoration in which about a third of Borl Castle was restored.

Arts Apr 19, 2024, 13:01

Bust of politician, film critic Darko Bratina unveiled in Gorizia

A bust will be unveiled in Gorizia, Italy, on Friday evening to honour politician, sociologist and film critic Darko Bratina. Bratina (1942-1997) was the first member of the Slovenian minority in Italy to be elected to Italian parliament and is the father of the Slovenian minority protection law, which Italy adopted in 2001.

Arts Apr 18, 2024, 12:32

Film by Prosenc competing at Tribeca film festival

A film by acclaimed Slovenian filmmaker Sonja Prosenc, Family Therapy, has been selected among the ten films of the main international competition programme of the Tribeca film festival, which will be held between 5 and 16 June in Manhattan, New York. The ten films were selected from a record 13,016 applicants.