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Society 16:20

Jurists agree mandatory vaccination should be expert decision

As part of a debate on mandatory vaccination on Monday, jurists noted that such a decision should be first and foremost an expert decision, and only then a political decision. Public Administration Minister Boštjan Koritnik said he advocated introduction of mandatory vaccination.

Society 12:30

Weather: Cloudy with morning fog

Clouds will dominate the day in Slovenia on Wednesday although some sunny intervals can be expected. Fog is forecast in low-lying areas in the morning.

Society 12:28

Slovenia generated almost 9% less waste last year y/y

Slovenia generated less waste in 2020 compared to 2019, according to the Statistics Office. Less waste was generated in economic activities, while municipal waste from households and the healthcare sector increased, especially waste that requires special collection and disposal treatment to prevent infection, due to Covid-19.

Society 11:46

Over 1,300 new coronavirus infections in Slovenia on Monday

The number of positive coronavirus tests totalled 1,308 in Slovenia on Monday, according to the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ), in what is a slight drop from a week ago. The number of patients in hospitals was up further as ICU cases exceeded 100 for the first time since May. Three new deaths were reported.

Society 11:21

Budget R&D spending up for fifth year in a row

Budget funding for research and development (R&D) stood at EUR 243.5 million in 2020, up 11% over the year before and the fifth consecutive annual increase, show Statistics Office data. Spending increased in relative terms as well, amounting to 0.52% of GDP.

Society 11:18

Police shoot runaway bull near Žalec

A runaway bull caused chaos and panic in the area around Žalec on Monday after escaping from a farm near Šmartno ob Paki several days ago. When the bull was found, police officers tried to restrain it, but to no avail. As it became aggressive and dangerous, they were forced to shoot it, the Celje police said on Tuesday.

Society 6:30

Weather: Mostly cloudy

The weather on Tuesday will be moderate to mostly cloudy, with brief morning fog expected in some basins. There will be a light bora wind in the Primorska region, with less clouds there as well.