Schedule of Events from 17 to 23 April

Ljubljana, 16 April - Schedule of events in the week from 17 to 23 April:

MONDAY, 17 April
        LJUBLJANA - Easter Monday, a bank holiday.
        AALBORG, Denmark - Slovenian women's handball champions Krim will play Denmark's Aalborg in the first leg of the semi-finals of the Champions League, Europe's strongest club competition.

TUESDAY, 18 April
        LJUBLJANA - All parliamentary parties bar the opposition Liberal Democrats (LDS) are expected to sign the development partnership put forward by Prime Minister Janez Jansa.
        ST. POELTEN, Austria - A two-day conference on subsidiarity in 2006 organised as part of the Austrian EU Presidency will be attended by Foreign Minister Dimitrij Rupel and Speaker France Cukjati.
        LJUBLJANA/LENDAVA - A delegation of the parliament of Austria's province of Carinthia headed by its Speaker Joerg Freunschlag will be making a return visit to the Slovenian National Assembly and is also expected to visit the Hungarian ethnic community in Lendava (NE).
        LJUBLJANA - Programming Council of the public radio and TV broadcaster RTV Slovenija is expected to give its opinion on the the management-proposed nominees for the directors of Radio Slovenija and TV Slovenija.
        LJUBLJANA - The upper chamber and the Club of Slovenian Entrepreneurs are to stage a panel on renewable energy sources.
        LJUBLJANA - The 11th annual Slovenian Book Days, organised by the Slovenian Writers' Association, will be launched by Culture Minister Vasko Simoniti.
        BELGRADE, Serbia-Montenegro - A draw will decide the qualifying groups for the 2006 European Water Polo Championships, with Slovenia one of the twelve countries competing at the event.

        NOVA GORICA - The cabinet is expected to tour the northern part of the Primorsko region (SW/W).
        LJUBLJANA - The college of deputy group heads and the speaker of parliament is to discuss the agenda of the National Assembly's April session and the recent ruling coalition's criticisms towards both opposition deputy speakers.
        LJUBLJANA - A protest event, entitled Black Wednesday, is to be staged by the Slovenian Student Organisation in protest of the planned government social and economic reforms.
        IG - Ivar Roennbaeck, the deputy director general of the Swedish Rescue Services Agency is expected for a two-day visit to the education facility of the Slovenian Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief.
        LJUBLJANA - The National Electoral Commission will meet at a session dedicated to the report on the 9 April referendums on establishing new municipalities.
        LJUBLJANA - Education and Sports Minister Milan Zver is scheduled to meet Croatia's Minister of Science, Education and Sports Dragan Primorac.
        LJUBLJANA - The 6th international symposium TMCE 2006 (Tools and Methods for Competitive Engineering) will be officially opened. The event, organised by the University of Ljubljana and the Dutch Delft University of Technology, will focus on technological innovations in product development.

THURSDAY, 20 April
        LJUBLJANA - The National Assembly is to begin its regular April session with over 20 items on the agenda. The session is to last until 26 April.
        LJUBLJANA - The government is to stage its regular weekly session.
        GRAZ, Austria - Beginning of a two-day informal meeting of the EU's ministers in charge of competition, also attended by Slovenia's Higher Education, Science and Technology Minister Jure Zupan and Economics Minister Andrej Vizjak.
        LJUBLJANA - Economics Minister Andrej Vizjak is to present the aims of an upcoming visit to Kuwait and United Arab Emirates, scheduled to take place between 21 and 25 April. The Slovenian delegation will be headed by PM Janez Jansa.
        BERN, Switzerland - The eight conference of the Association of European Senates is to begin. The two-day event will be attended by the President of Slovenia's upper chamber Janez Susnik.
        CELJE - The association of Slovenian natural spas will present the spas' business results in 2005 at a press conference.
        PORTOROZ - A press conference will present the programme of Internautica 2006, Slovenia's biggest boat fair.

FRIDAY, 21 April
        KUWAIT, Kuwait/DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - Prime Minister Janez Jansa and Economics Minister Andrej Vizjak are to begin their five-day visit to Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.
        WASHINGTON, US - Finance Minister Andrej Bajuk is expected to attend a three-day spring meeting of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

SATURDAY, 22 April
        LJUBLJANA - The country's main opposition party, the Liberal Democrats, are to stage a programming conference, where they plan to adopt their new manifesto.

SUNDAY, 23 April
        LJUBLJANA - A ceremony will mark the first Slovenian issue of the National Geographic magazine.
        LJUBLJANA - Slovenian women's handball champions Krim will play the return match of the semi-finals of the Champions League against Denmark's Aalborg.

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