Schedule of Events for Friday, 15 December

Ljubljana, 14 December - Below is a schedule of events for Friday, 15 December:

BRUSSELS, Belgium - The two-day EU summit comes to a close. The Slovenian delegation there is headed by Prime Minister Janez Jansa, who will inaugurate new premises of the Slovenian mission to the EU on the sidelines of the meeting at 1:40 PM. (STA)

LJUBLJANA - Parliament is set to continue at 10 AM its regular session to debate the non-parliamentary Youth Party-sponsored amendments to the pre-school eduction act under which nurseries would be free of charge, and a bill on spatial planning as well as continue the second reading of the referendum act.

LJUBLJANA - The Economic and Social Council, an industrial relations forum, is to meet for a session at 10 AM to decide on the number of work permits for foreign workers in 2007. (STA)

LJUBLJANA - Francois Lecavalier, the head of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development sector for Slovenia, is to speak about the bank's strategy in Slovenia for the coming two years. The press conference is scheduled for 9 AM. (STA)

LJUBLJANA - The parliamentary EU Affairs Committee is to discuss the programme of activities of the European parliament in 2007 and the full implementation of the Schengen legal order at its regular session. The committee is also to stage an extraordinary session on Slovenia and cohesion policy in 2007-2013. The committee's chair Anton Kokalj is expected to speak to the press at 3 PM.

MARIBOR - The headquarters of the Slovenian-European Natural Sciences Research Centre is to be inaugurated at a ceremony at 10 AM, to be attended by European Commissioner for Science and Technology Janez Potocnik, Environment Minister Janez Podobnik and Higher Education, Science and Technology Jure Zupan. A press conference is scheduled for 1:30 PM. (STA)

BRUSSELS, Belgium - Public Administration Minister Gregor Virant is set to meet European Commissioner Guenter Verheugen, who is responsible for public administration, entrepreneurship and industry. The Slovenian minister is also expected to attend the inauguration of Slovenia's standing mission in Brussels.

TREBNJE - Roma officials from southeastern Slovenia organise a Roma assembly to discuss the relocation of the Ambrus Roma and the government-sponsored Roma bill; at 3 PM.

LJUBLJANA - Social Platform, a forum that brings together more than 40 European non-governmental organisations, federations and networks that promote an equitable society, is to meet at 9:30 AM representatives of Slovenian NGOs.

CELJE - Etol, the manufacturer of essential oils and flavourings, is to hold a shareholders' meeting to decide about the proposal for the spin-off that would create a financial company Finetol. Due to the planned division, Etol's share capital of SIT 2.5bn (EUR 10.43m) is to be reduced by around one billion tolars (EUR 4.17m), the sum representing the share capital of the new company.

BARCELONA, Spain - The Sadar Vuga Arhitekti architectural bureau is open an exhibition.

MARIBOR - An exhibition of eight Turkish artists, dubbed "Home and Away", is to open.

LJUBLJANA - Press review. (STA)

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