Schedule of Events for Monday, 1 January

Ljubljana, 31 December - Below is a schedule of events for Monday, 1 January:

LJUBLJANA - Slovenia is to enter the European Monetary Union. At midnight the euro will become legal tender and a two-week process of phasing out the Slovenian tolar will begin. The celebrations will include the release of hundreds of balloons in the centre of Ljubljana to coincide with New Year's celebrations. Moreover, Banka Slovenije Governor Mitja Gaspari is to issue a press statement shortly after midnight after exchanging Slovenian tolars for euros. Finance Minister Andrej Bajuk is meanwhile to draw euros from an automatic teller machine at 0:30 AM. (STA/PHOTO)

LJUBLJANA - A news conference at 5 PM will feature central bank governor Mitja Gaspari and Finance Minister Andrej Bajuk, among others, discussing the euro changeover and its technical implementation. (STA/PHOTO)

LJUBLJANA - STA is to publish an interview with Milan Zver, the vice president of the ruling Slovenian Democrats (SDS). (STA)

LJUBLJANA - STA is to publish an interview with Jelko Kacin, the leader of the main opposition party, the Liberal Democracy (LDS). (STA)

LJUBLJANA - STA is to publish a feature on Joze Plecnik, as the country gets ready to mark the 50th anniversary of death of Slovenia's most famous architect. (STA)

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