Coxwain O.K., But What About Rowers?

Ljubljana, 4 September - The scarce words that Lord Owen and Cyrus Vance expressed at their arrival to the Palace of Nations in Geneva, are a very expressive sign of the sceptic atmosphere in which continue the London efforts for peace and for the settlement of some residual problems of the former Yugoslav federation, writes Božo Mašanović in today's Theme of the Day column.
Perhaps these scarce words at the beginning of negotiations in Geneva reflect the conviction of both principal actors of the latest effort of the international community to stop the war and to divide ex-Yugoslavia into at least tolerant if not good neighbours, that a successful process will require not only patience and diplomatic skill of the Western negotiators, but also the readiness of all parties in conflict to stop hostilities and the tragedy of their people - before the fire spreads, concludes Mašanović.

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