The Non-Aligned Movement is Still an Important Partner

Ljubljana, 8 September - The Yugoslav crisis was the central and the most controversial theme of the 10th Peak Conference of the Non-Aligned Countries which ended late last night in Jakarta, said Ivo Vajgl, who was a guest participant from the Slovenian mission. The Slovenian delegation in Jakarta observed the situation of the non-aligned movement in a new world no longer split by the cold war. Vajgl believes that the non-aligned movement is still dealing with old unsolved problems like Palestine, Cyprus and the like, while on the other hand it wants to become an equal partner with other political forces holding dialogues in the world, forces no longer split by blocks.
At the Conference, Slovenia was primarily looking for contacts with developed states who are its present and future partners, though it should also maintain its interests in the third world where its reputation was built by Slovenian firms. In Jakarta, the representatives of Slovenia talked with the foreign ministers of Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, Namibia and Sweden and with representatives of Chile, Mexico, Germany, Nigeria, Norway, Senegal, Spain, Sri Lanka and Tanzania. The purpose of these contacts was to explain the Republic of Slovenia's views concerning the Yugoslav crisis and the London Conference and to present its professional expertise about the legal heritage of the former Yugoslavia, said Ivo Vajgl. That is why we also have the automatic right to cooperate in the non-aligned movement to the extent that it agrees with the principles of our foreign policy. Slovenia is also interested in establishing diplomatic relations with some African, Latin American and Asian states.

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