Delo: Dr. Drnovšek: Funds for Road Construction Will Be Provided

Ljubljana, 14 September - Slovenia will receive 200 billion ECU in credit from the European Bank of Development by the end of this year. This money is intended for the constuction of roads, said Dr. Drnovšek, the President of the Slovenian government, at his meeting in the Socerb castle with representatives of the LDS party and economic experts from the Obala region.
Road construction in Slovenia will commence by the end of this year, pointed out Dr. Drnovšek. But the main works on Slovenian roads will begin not earlier than next year because of the lack of necessary constructional documentation. Plans for the Šentilj to Zagreb road are the only ones in their final stages, but this road is more important for Croatia than for Slovenia. Slovenia is preparing to establish a special consortium which would help the State to fund the road construction, said Dr. Drnovšek.

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