Delo: Stop, or I'll Shoot!

Ljubljana, 14 September - Butros Gali's recommendation for reinforcement of the Peacekeeping Forces in BiH with an additional 6000 Blue Caps who would be acting in an extended region, not only around Sarajevo, is certainly a ray of hope in eliminating the BiH crisis. The possible closing of the BiH air corridor, the elimination of heavy artillery from the front-line, and the more severe international control of the execution of the imposed sanctions against Serbia and Montenegro should probably be reasons for optimism, writes Mitja Meršol in the Topic of the Day column in today's Delo.
But these measures are inadequate for the real elimination of the crisis in BiH and the whole Balkans. As a result of all the West's "thundering" and serious thinking about military intervention there have remained only the four or five battalions called by Gali. He may even be allowed to shout "Stop, or I'll shoot!" into the Bosnian wilderness. What will happen if they really begin to shoot, asks the author.

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