Paper on Minister's Resignation: Good Riddance

Ljubljana, 11 August - The resignation of Interior Minister Katarina Kresal has sealed the fate of the government and its prime minister, business daily Finance says on Thursday, adding that early elections are now but a question of time.

The biggest loser in the aftermath of the minister's resignation is Prime Minister Borut Pahor. By not accepting her resignation on Tuesday, he took responsibility for her corrupt decisions and showed the voters he is supporting his corrupt ministers.

Kresal has sealed the fate of this government and early elections are inevitable. But she has also sealed the power and influence of the network that got her into politics, Finance argues in "Farewell!".

Kresal was never a politician by nature, she was a symbol of a network of influential and rich Slovenians who got rich in the transition period with insider information and walking on the edge of the law, a network that held the country hostage in an attempt to transform it into its fief.

Bidding Kresal and Pahor farewell, the commentator says that the pair did democracy in Slovenia a great service.

"The incompetence and intellectual vacuum of your government cancelled out the advantage that the left had created with the myth that owing to its size, Slovenia has only one (leftist) elite capable of government. From now on the playing field will be level, which is good news for democracy."

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