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21:23 RU News roundup - Wednesday, 20 September
20:46 PO Fajon meets IAEA boss, Zelensky in New York (adds)
statements on Ukraine after Zelensky meeting in para 6-9
20:19 BE MLM foundry needs new owner, economy minister says
19:41 BE Number of mobile network users steadily growing
19:31 PO National Assembly cuts state coverage of religious workers' contributions
19:24 PO Slovenia among interveners in Ukraine v. Russia case before ICJ
18:56 BE Changes passed to depoliticise agriculture and forestry chamber
18:24 PO MPs pass changes to Animal Protection Act
18:14 PO MPs pass bill to grant amnesty for breach of Covid rules
18:03 PO Two substitute Freedom Movement MPs appointed
17:52 PO Posavje police strive to intercept migrants right at border
17:49 PO Military staff numbers growing gradually
16:56 BE Steklarna Hrastnik glassworks named Exporter of the Year (adds)
another award, discussion on exports from para 9
16:17 AC Preparations for Frankfurt Book Fair in final stages
16:11 BE Stock market practically flat
15:32 PO Opposition MP involved in conflict of interest for years, says report (adds)
extra info in para 2-4, 8, last 2 para
15:30 SE Schedule of events for Thursday, 21 September
15:17 BE Spectrum auction for mobile private networks coming
15:16 BE Vzajemna staff concerned about their future
15:00 RU News roundup - Wednesday, 20 September, until 3pm
14:28 ST Grošelj presents 33 climbs to highest mountains in a new book
11:45 AC Drago Jančar becomes first Slovenian to win Prozart Award
11:36 AS American tourist killed in Soča rafting accident
11:24 HE Letters exchanged by Tesla and J. P. Morgan published in Slovenian translation
11:16 AS Weather: Cloudy and rainy in the west, partly sunny elsewhere
11:03 AC Technology and art merge at Speculum Artium
8:47 PO Slovenia confirms humanitarian aid for Morocco and Libya
8:34 PO Delo warns UN should be mindful of peace commitment
8:32 PO Pirc Musar meets Zelensky in New York
8:20 PO Daily headlines - Wednesday, 20 September
6:30 AS Weather: Quite sunny
1:00 BE Večer says floods reminder of where hazardous industry should be placed
0:15 SE Schedule of events for Wednesday, 20 September
0:05 AD News from Slovenia
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