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20:06 RU News roundup - Wednesday, 23 November
20:04 PO Rally staged in support of independent public broadcaster
19:29 PO RTV's works council unanimously supports changes to RTV act
16:47 HE Pay talks with doctors at a standstill, strike looming again
16:01 PO TV Slovenija boss dismisses MEPs' letter as pro-govt propaganda
16:00 BE SBI TOP down
15:43 PO Coalition and SDS present opposing arguments ahead of Sunday's referenda
15:30 SE Schedule of events for Thursday, 24 November
15:04 HE Salmonella outbreak growing, liked to St. Martin's celebrations
15:00 RU News roundup - Wednesday, 23 November, until 3pm
14:25 PO Journalist association against changes to RTV Slovenija act
14:21 HE Contracts signed for expansion of medical and veterinary faculties
14:00 AS Weather: Partly cloudy
13:34 PO Slovenia honours WWI general who secured northern border
13:23 PO Parliament endorses government budgets for next two years (adds)
other budget documents, debate
12:58 PO Beti Hohler nominated for ICC judge
12:28 AC Musician Vlado Poredoš wins Ježek Award
10:23 BE Work to resume Monday at Magna Steyr Hoče location amid uncertainty
10:18 PO Early voting turnout in government act referendum at less than 1% on day one
9:20 HE Dnevnik examines climate conference outcome
8:51 PO Daily headlines - Wednesday, 23 November
8:38 PO Delo against new government act
6:30 AS Weather: Clear skies and wind
1:00 PO Finance to vote against new RTV act in triple referendum
0:30 PO Two-day National Council election starts
0:15 SE Schedule of events for Wednesday, 23 November
0:05 AD News from Slovenia
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