Men's Day: Average Slovenian man is a 41-year-old Franc

Ljubljana, 19 November - An average Slovenian man is 41.2 years old and his name is Franc, the national Statistics Office said before International Men's Day, which is observed on 19 November to promote men's health and gender equality.

The Statistics Office releases data related to Slovenian men, as International Men's Day is being observed in a number of countries around the world.
Photo: Anže Malovrh/STA
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As many as 10,366 boys were born in 2016 in Slovenia, a country which had a population of 2.07 million in July this year.

The most frequent names for male newborns last year were Luka, Filip and Jakob, and their life expectancy was less than 78 years.

Almost all boys who ended primary school last year continued their education at secondary school, the majority at technical schools.

Almost half of men aged 20 to 24 continued studies at higher-education institutions, of whom a third was studying technical subjects.

Men finished their bachelor's degree aged approximately 24 years, they were 24.6 when they got their first job, and moved from their parents' home at the age of 29.2.

Men married at an average age of 31.9 for the first time and were 32.2 years old when they became fathers.

There were 446,863 men in employment last year, the most frequent jobs being that of a truck driver, sales person or unskilled worker.

According to preliminary figures, an average man in employment earned 1,732 euro gross a month, or 102 euros more than women.

Men retired at an average age of 61.5 and their average pension amounted to 746 euro in December.

Three quarters of men aged 65 or more were married last year, whereas 44% of women from the same age group were already widows.

Roughly a third of all persons at homes for the elderly were men, and 31 men were aged 100 or more in 2016.

More than a quarter of Slovenian men went to at least one live cultural event in 2015, the highest share in any EU member, and were only behind their Swedish counterparts in child care.

Assessing how healthy they are, Slovenian men placed the 19th healthiest in the EU and 6th most prone to commit suicide.

While in Slovenia there are more women then men, there are more men then women only in three EU members: Luxembourg, Malta and Sweden, according to the Statistics Office.

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