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22:38 PO Golob and Janša face off in pre-referendum debate
21:30 PO Women's magazine journalist Sonja Grizila wins main Watchdog award
20:22 PO Analyst doesn't expect referendum voters to vote simply in line with political affiliation
20:20 PO RTV pre-referendum poll suggests two acts to be upheld, fate of one uncertain
20:17 PO ZNP accuses Siol of censorship, editor dismisses allegation
19:15 PO Bobnar: Slovenian police prepared for Croatia's Schengen entry
18:50 PO MPs vote down motion to hold referendum on changes to income tax act
18:39 PO Audit reportedly produces damning finding against ex minister Vizjak
17:52 PO Slovenia to co-fund renovation of rehabilitation centre in Ukraine
17:31 PO SDS MPs urge voters to vote no in Sunday's referendums
16:24 PO Renew Europe accuses EPP of double standards on media freedom in Slovenia
16:18 BE Livestock farmers say govt aid for damage to grassland miserly
15:29 PO Coalition, researchers express support for govt laws before referendum
15:11 PO Conference urges serious and concerted response to violence against women
14:00 PO Pahor going to Croatia on his last visit abroad
13:23 PO Nova24TV pre-referendum poll indicates most oppose two of three govt laws
13:19 PO Mladina poll suggests all three govt laws to be upheld in referendum
12:40 PO Poll shows one fifth undecided ahead of triple referendum
11:38 PO Early voting turnout in govt act referendum at 3.9%
11:14 PO Newly elected National Council featuring many new names
11:06 PO Govt act supporters and opponents clash in debate ahead of Sunday referendum
8:58 PO Dnevnik calls to defend quality media in RTV act referendum
8:49 PO Delo says Serbia-Kosovo deal on license plates not a ray of hope
8:16 PO Daily headlines - Friday, 25 November
7:00 PO Triple referendum campaigning concluding (background)
1:00 PO Mladina believes Logar to be Janša's chosen successor
1:00 PO Referendum success last hope for RTV Slovenia, Večer warns
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