Young diaspora members willing to move to Slovenia

Ljubljana, 2 June - Members of the Slovenian diaspora appear interested in moving to Slovenia. A survey involving 15-29-year-olds of Slovenian stock from all four neighbouring countries shows a majority expressing readiness to relocate for a longer period of time or permanently.

The survey involved 60 persons each from Austria, Hungary, Italy and Croatia, with the share of Slovenians in Croatia who expressed interest in moving to Slovenia being the highest (76.7%), and of those from Austria the lowest (53.3%).

The share in Italy is 58.3% and in Hungary 60%, shows the survey, carried out by institutes from Ljubljana, Austria's Klagenfurt and Italy's Trieste.

Young Slovenians in all the neighbouring countries believe that family is the greatest value. In both Croatia and Hungary, family is followed by friendship.

The second and third greatest values for young Slovenians in Austria are fairness and friendship, while those in Italy cherish friendship and personal growth the most along with the family.

Survey editor Vera Kržišnik Bukić has noted that all respondents in Austria and Italy completed the questionnaire in Slovenian, with the share in Croatia standing at 66.7% and in Hungary at only 6.7%.

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