Fisherman discovers Roman tombstone in river

Kranj, 24 November - A fisherman trying his luck in the river Sava below old town Kranj this week spotted an unusual stone which turned out to be a nearly 2,000-year-old Roman tombstone.

Roman tombstone discovered in Sava.
Photo: Tinkara Zupan/STA
File photo

The tombstone was lifted out of the river by firefighters, and transported to the local restoration centre, where it will be studied in more detail by experts.

Archaeologist Judita Lux from the Kranj unit of the Cultural Heritage Institute told the STA that ancient Roman tombstones were not uncommon in Slovenia, but that the story behind it was something special.

The monument, estimated to date between the first and second century AD, appears to be quite well preserved and the inscription suggests it had been commissioned by a man for his 12-year-old daughter.

The find is quite a rarity for Kranj. "We don't have many such gravestones in Kranj and we don't know where it comes from," Lux said, adding that this would be one of the mysteries they would try to solve.

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