Art rental service launched to energise the market

Ljubljana, 10 March - With the art market practically non-existent and state subsidies for fine arts meagre, the fine arts are one of the most undernourished and neglected fields in Slovenia. To change that, an association of artists has set up an art rental service termed Artoteka.

The Union of Associations of Slovenian Artists (ZDSLU) launches an art rental service. Pictured are works of art from the ZDSLU's third auction, held last December, another means of getting art out of the depots.
Photo: Nebojša Tejić/STA
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The non-existent art market is a complex issue involving not just artists and galleries but also the education system, which shapes one's attitude towards art, says Aleš Sedmak, president of the Union of Associations of Slovenian Artists (ZDSLU), which is behind the idea.

He believes that "in Slovenia we have lost touch with art, having focussed on the country's independence, economic issue and other problems over the past few decades".

But since artists cannot exist if they do not have buyers, the ZDSLU decided to try to encourage the art market gradually, with small steps.

A goal is to make quality works by quality artists more present and more accessible under affordable conditions.

The ZDSLU has a collection of over 400 works ranging from paintings, sculptures and prints to some photos. Some of the works have been donated by artists, others were bought.

"It makes little sense to keep them in the depots when a work of art comes alive only when a communications with the publish is established."

Artists are thus invited to make their works available for Artoteka and get paid if their works are rented.

While there is no limit to how long a piece of art can be rented, it is also possible to buy it.

The ZDSLU intends to provide various rental programmes - for companies, individuals or even students who would like to decorate their room with a work of art.

Sedmak sees Artoteka as an opportunity for people to realise it is not unimportant what surrounds us. "Everything that is around us has an impact on how we feel."

Since the beginning of this week, Artoteka has been on Instagram, where all of its works of art are to be gradually posted.

A website will also be launched enabling search in line with different parameters such as the author, motif and size.

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