Nobel laureate Duncan Haldane gets Slovenian citizenship

Washington, 24 March - Duncan Haldane, co-recipient of the 2016 Nobel Prize in physics, is now a dual British-Slovenian citizen. He received Slovenian citizenship at a ceremony at the Slovenian Embassy in Washington, DC on Friday.

Washington, DC, US
Nobel laureate in physics Duncan Haldane gets Slovenian citizenship at the Slovenian Embassy in Washington, US.
Photo: Jernej Škorja/STA

Nobel laureate Duncan Haldane receives a special accolade from the Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia's pre-eminent research institution.
Photo: Tamino Petelinšek/STA

Haldane is of Slovenian stock and has often spoken of his Slovenian roots.

His mother Ljudmila was born in a Slovenian family in Ferlach/Borovlje, in present-day Austria.

She met a Scottish doctor at the end of WWII while working at a Partisan hospital and they moved to the UK.

Haldane describes himself as half Scottish, half Slovenian.

A professor of physics at Princeton University, he received the Nobel prize for theoretical discoveries of topological phase transitions and topological phases of matter.

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