Note to subscribers - links to fake STA websites

Ljubljana, 17 July - Posts containing links to fake Slovenian Press Agency (STA) websites are spreading on Facebook again, in a scam that abuses the STA name and brand and is similar to a scheme first noticed in April and again in May.

The screenshot of a fake STA website.
Photo: STA

There are various articles on the fake website (a screenshot is attached), including about the winner of the Farm reality show.

Clicking the Facebook posts takes the users to the fake STA website, which is a gateway to entice users to click through to other pages (such as online gaming sites).

There are several indications the website is fake.

The site is located at various addresses, for example, instead of the official

The fake articles are in Slovenian, but the page layout is taken from the English version of the STA website. The elements in the page header are different than the elements on the genuine STA website.

STA users are advised to be cautious and refrain from clicking on suspicious links. For additional information contact us at, or the national cyber security response centre SI-CERT.

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