Slovenia joining European Mobility Week celebrations

Ljubljana, 16 September - Slovenia will join the activities as part of the European Mobility Week as of Monday, with 78 municipalities around the country participating with events aimed at reducing road traffic. Running under the slogan Walk with Us!, the event will focus on walking as an alternative to motor road transport.

Zagreb, Croatia
A Car-Free Day as part of the European Mobility Week
Photo: Hina/STA

With the numerous events, local communities will be encouraged to introduce and promote sustainable transport measures and reduce the volume of motor road transport, as it contributes the largest share of greenhouse gases in Slovenia.

This year's European Mobility Week will focus on walking as not only a means to get from point A to point B, but also as a form of physical exercise, the lack of which has become a problem in modern society due to excessive use of cars.

National coordinator Polona Demšar Mitrovič said that as people relied too much on cars, streets were overburdened with vehicles, air was polluted and people did not get enough exercise. "In short distances, walking is the most efficient and competitive means of transportation."

Agreeing with her is Infrastructure Minister Alenka Bratušek, who said that transport contributed the biggest share of greenhouse gas emissions, measures should be taken, including by using public transportation, cycling and walking.

Walking is also being promoted by the Institute for Spatial Policies and the Ministry of Health, with the latter saying that "walking and cycling could be very convenient ways to increase the volume of daily physical activity."

The promotional activities in Slovenia will include a walk around Novo Mesto, a breakfast for cyclists in Maribor, group hikes in Ljubljana, a walk through disused railway tunnels in Krško, to name a few.

Numerous municipalities will also take advantage of the event to adopt sustainable measures, with Velenje introducing free rides for older persons and persons with disabilities, and upgrading the bicycle rental network Bicy.

Novo Mesto will present its activities related to school paths and vehicle speed management as well as education about mobility, while Krško intends to continue implementing its sustainable transport plan, including by investing further in bicycle paths.

Ljubljana meanwhile continues the reconstruction of major roads and streets to make them more friendly to cyclists and pedestrians. A round table debate will be held this week to discuss new forms of sustainable mobility and their impact on safety, society and the environment.

The celebration of the European Mobility Week will culminate with Car-Free Days in several municipalities, when some streets will be closed for traffic and public bus rides and bicycle rentals will be free of charge.

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