Maribor offering luxury glamping in Chocolate Village

Maribor, 10 November - Chocoholics are in for a dream-come-true experience in Maribor, where a Chocolate Village has opened its doors to visitors. Guests of this special glamping resort will be able to enjoy a chocolate bath, admire a chocolate fountain and even brush their teeth with a chocolate-flavoured toothpaste.

Houses in the luxury glamping Chocolate Village.
Photo: Andreja Seršen Dobaj/STA

Owner and CEO of the Quadro company Uroš Mlakar.
Photo: Andreja Seršen Dobaj/STA

A house in the luxury glamping Chocolate Village.
Photo: Andreja Seršen Dobaj/STA

The village comprising a dozen glamping houses for a maximum of 36 guests is located in Limbuš, on the Drava river bank.

The Slovenian-made houses are named after three cocoa varieties and offer a view of the Maribor Lake park.

Guests can use an outdoor swimming pool, a tree-house sauna, wine cellar, an open fireplace by the river, and a raft, where various events will be taking place in the summer.

The houses celebrate chocolate in every possible way, with pillows containing cocoa beans, and bathrooms offering chocolate soap, and chocolate-flavoured toothpaste and condoms. Chocolate beer and chocolate breakfast await the guests on the table.

In cooperation with local producers, the company behind the project, Quadro, is also developing new products, such as chocolate sausage and cheese.

Quadro, which owns several cafes offering desserts in Maribor, Celje, Koper and Ptuj, also has a small chocolate factory not far from the new chocolate resort. It uses cocoa from sustainable production in a village in northern Liberia.

"Our wish was to create a superb tourist experience and the feed-back from our first guests is exceptional, so it seems we hit the nail on the head," said Quadro owner and director Uroš Mlakar about the project valued at some EUR 1.5 million.

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