Slovenia records first coronavirus fatality as elderly man dies

Ljubljana, 14 March - An elderly man died of coronavirus at UKC Ljubljana hospital in Ljubljana on Saturday, the first covid-19 victim in Slovenia, the STA has learnt from multiple sources.

Ljubljana, Bolnica dr. Petra Držaja.
Novinarska konferenca UKC Ljubljana s predstavitvijo novega oddelka za epidemije v Bolnici dr. Petra Držaja.
Foto: Bor Slana/STA

The man is believed to have had multiple underlying conditions and been very ill prior to the infection. He had been infected in Metlika, where several residents of a nursing home contracted the disease from a doctor who became infected in Italy.

The doctor had been at work for three days before he became symptomatic, during which time he had been in contact with several nursing home residents and staff.

Seven residents and five staff have tested positive for coronavirus and Metlika and several more in the region, making Metlika one of the biggest hotspots of the disease in Slovenia.

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