106-year-old Covid-19 survivor a ray of hope for care home residents

Metlika, 20 April - The first Covid-19 victim in Slovenia was an elderly resident of the Metlika care home in the south of the country, one of the first hotspots of the novel coronavirus in Slovenia. But in a glimmer of hope for fellow residents, a 106-year-old lady from the Metlika home has beaten the virus.

Care home residents.
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Several media have reported about the amazing recovery of Angela Ogulin, who turned 106 in November. "The lady is feeling well and we're proud of her," Ivica Lozar, director of the Metlika old-age facility, told the tabloid Slovenske Novice.

"Every time the phone rang, our heart sank," the news website 24ur.com quotes Angela's relatives speaking about the anxious period that they have now been able to put behind. They are missing their mum very much. Not being able to visit her, they send her her favourite biscuits.

The news hit hard in the first half of March that some of the Metlika home residents had been in touch with an infected doctor. Despite fast action to prevent an outbreak, the virus started spreading among the residents.

Mrs Angela and her room mate developed a fever too and they both tested positive. When her room mate died, Angela's relatives all but lost hope. "Every time the phone rang we were prepared for the worst," remembers her daughter-in-law Marija Ogulin in an interview with 24ur.com.

About ten days ago the phone rang in Semič again. "Don't take fright, madam, don't. Your mum is well!", the good news came from the Metlika home. "They told us our mum was in fact in the best shape of all who fell ill," her daughter-in-law remembers.

"You know, Angela Ogulin is a very positive person, she'll always look at everything from the bright side. She is a true country woman, I like being in her company," Zalka Klemenčič, a Red Cross official, has told Slovenske Novice.

One of eight children, Angela Ogulin bore three children. She has seven grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren and 11 great-great-grandchildren.

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