Catholic weekly Družina celebrating 70th anniversary

Ljubljana, 6 May - The Catholic weekly Družina (Family) is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, with the events coming under the slogan Always with You, which sends the message that the paper writes about all fields of life that its readership finds interesting and topical.

The Catholic weekly Družina.
Photo: STA

"We start our celebration in an exciting time when it comes to the media, in a time when tradition media have again gained on importance, because we bring reliable, verified and credible news," Družina head of marketing Manica Ferenc said.

The leadership of the weekly said that the anniversary would be marked together with its subscribers, with which its representatives will beet in parishes around the country throughout the year.

The first issue of Družina was published on 7 May 1952 as a religious biweekly newspaper of the Apostolic Administration for the region of Goriška. In 1973, it switched to a weekly format.

According to its director Tone Rode, Družina's mission remains to be close to people, and the weekly's role is multi-faceted, as it informs, educates and encourages Catholics and all other people to read it. Hence the slogan Always with You.

The 70th anniversary will also be marked with the launch of a new website, although the role of the print edition remains important, said editor-in-chief Boštjan Debevec.

"Print is alpha and omega, as people perceive the content more deeply than in electronic media. When someone wants to make a deeper analysis of a day, week or events in the world or society, the experience of reading on paper has added value."

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