Daily headlines - Thursday, 8 July

Ljubljana, 8 July - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Thursday, 8 July:


Threat of new wave of coronavirus
"Fourth wave looming over companies and budget": Slovenia is lagging increasingly behind the EU average in the vaccination rate. A fourth wave and a new lockdown would badly affect companies as well as public finances. (front page, 9)

Epidemiological measures in schools
"Healthcare should call for vaccination": Many head teachers are reluctant to ask their teachers to get vaccinated, arguing that vaccination is in the domain of the health sector. At the same time, they expect to know as soon as possible what the new school year will look like. (front page, 3)

Fusion energy
"Sun on Earth": The holy grail of energy production, nuclear fusion, is getting closer. In May a Chinese fusion reactor achieved a world record when it maintained a plasma temperature of 120 million degrees Celsius for 101 seconds. (front page, 13)

Land sale
"Sale of Miro Senica's property": The former tourism farm Bužekijan, the largest property in Istria, will be sold to an Italian buyer. (front page, 2)


Tourism stimulus law
"The measures do not address problems": The National Assembly passed yesterday a law on emergency measures to help the tourism, hospitality and events industries. A representative of the Association of Tour Operators says the legislation is useless since it does not address the real problems in tourism. (front page, 5)

Coronavirus measures in schools
"Self-testing of students instead of school closures": Paediatrician Denis Baš thinks self-testing, restricted to a small number of students this last school year, should be a condition for attending class next year. Paediatrician however advocate more user-friendly testing. (front page, 3)


Bad bank's asset disposal
"What BAMC will put on sale": The Bank Assets Management Company (BAMC) has sold almost all apartments from its portfolio. By the end of the year it will try to sell a lot of building land. (front page, 2, 3)

Waters act referendum
"Waters act referendum: What are you deciding about?": The referendum on the waters act in effect only revolves around articles 37 and 14 of the act, which regulate construction in coastal areas, and article 16, which is about the spending of funds from the waters fund. (front page, 6)

Aid to tourism
"MPs have passed the emergency law. What does it entail?": MPs have finally adopted an emergency law to help the tourism industry. The measures include new vouchers, short-time work subsidies, subsidies for holiday allowance, aid to the conventions industry, subsidies for the audiovisual industry and aid to pools and spas. (front page, 4)


Holiday allowance
"Holiday allowance, but not for everybody": Companies are required to pay their workers a holiday allowance by the end of July. Data by an advocacy group shows more than 80,000 workers are still waiting for the money. (front page, 2, 5)

"What can the refreshed violets achieve?" Maribor start the new season tonight with qualifying for the new conference league against the Armenian club Urartu. (front page, 23)

New tourism vouchers
"New vouchers, where will politicians redeem them?": MPs have confirmed a new package of aid for the tourism industry. Asked where they will spend their holidays, most politicians say they will spend some time in Slovenia and some time abroad. (front page, 2, 3)

Sludge removal
"Sludge foaming and waiting for disposal": The removal of illegally deposited waste-treatment sludge from Pivola has been largely completed. The cost is estimated at roughly EUR 825,000. (front page, 10)

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