Daily headlines - Tuesday, 13 July

Ljubljana, 13 July - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Tuesday, 13 July:


Drone delivery
"Drone delivery becoming reality": Many companies worldwide as well as in Slovenia are already using drones to test delivery of various packages, while countries are yet adopting rules. (front page, page 8)

Cuba protests
"Quashed Cuba uprising": Cubans, mainly young people, took to the streets in Havana on Sunday in what were the biggest protests in the country since 1994. (front page, page 6)

Domestic politics
"Govt dealt two blows in two days": After the no vote in Sunday's waters act referendum, the government took another blow yesterday as the upper chamber of parliament vetoed its amendments to the communicable diseases act. To override the veto, the minority government will need an outright majority of 46 votes, which the ruling coalition has not got. (front page, pages 2, 3)

"Poppy World for people with dementia": Makov Svet, the first modern care home for people with dementia, was inaugurated yesterday in Gornji Grad in an investment valued at EUR 5 million. (front page, page 4)


>Real estate
"Mercator sells off several stores": Retailer Mercator has sold several stores in Ljubljana to developer Iskra Implus. The stores are to be torn down and replaced with larger buildings with shops on the ground floor. (front page, page 8)

Matura exam results
"This year's results comparable with those before": Matura, the national secondary school-leaving exams, has come off better than in the previous years, which was partly due to adjustments to scoring but mostly due to the effort put in by students and teachers. (front page, page 2)


Holiday homes
"Auctions of apartments from Istria to Dalmatia": The paper takes a look at some of the interesting auctions of properties on the Croatian coast. (front page, pages 12, 13)

Stock markets
"Indices went wild in first half of the year. How long it can go on?": Stock markets hit all-time highs in the first half of the year with US indices S&P, Nasdaq and Dow Jones and German DAX rising at rates high above 10%. But analysts say the highest growth rates are likely over. (front page, pages 2, 3)

Interest rates
"Strong growth in housing loans, deep fall in interest rates. How low are banks going?": Banks approved EUR 175 million worth of housing loans in the first five months of the year, as interest rates kept falling, data from the central bank show. (front page, page 4)


Matura exam results
"Good results, what about knowledge?": The results of this year's matura exams do not differ much from those in the previous years despite a lengthy period of distance learning. (front page, page 5)

Demographic Fund
"New referendum looming in autumn?": The National Assembly will vote on a bill creating the Demographic Fund on Thursday. If this key government bill is passed, the centre-left coalition and trade unions are unofficially planning to start collecting signatures for a referendum. (front page, pages 2, 3)

Maribor local government
"Srečko Đurov to be city manager": Srečko Đurov, who was dismissed as the head of the Maribor administrative unit by the public administration minister in February in a decision that Đurov claimed was due to the unit banning a concert by Croatian nationalist singer Marko Perković Thompson, will take over as new Maribor city manager on Monday. (front page, page 8)

Sex trafficking trial
"Racman talks of prostitutes feeling nice": Four defendants, including businessman Sergej Racman, flatly denied the prosecution's allegations that they forced girls into prostitution in the Marina night club near Nova Gorica, as they were put on trial yesterday. (front page, page 21)

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