Daily headlines - Friday, 16 July

Ljubljana, 16 July - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Friday, 16 July:


"Old for new home loan": A significant drop in home loan interest rates serves as an incentive for taking out such loans as well as refinancing existing loans. (front page, page 10)

"Coalition withdrawing two laws": The prime minister has decided to postpone the votes on a new demographic fund bill and on changes to the communicable diseases act due to insufficient support as the coalition has acknowledged the post-referendum political reality. (front page, page 2)

"Decision on digitalisation minister": The National Assembly will vote on the appointment of Mark Boris Andrijanič as minister without portfolio for digital transformation. The business sector supports the bid. (front page, page 9)


"Cukrarna is completed and waits for the opening": The paper reveals a preview of what the renovated Cukrarna Gallery looks like. The venue will welcome the first visitors in the second half of September. (front page, page 9)

"On demographic fund when emotions settle...": The coalition has withdrawn the contentious communicable diseases bill as well as a new demographic fund bill with the opposition seeing this as the government lacking support. (front page, page 2, commentary 14)

"Position is not the problem, the candidate is": The candidate for the post of minister without portfolio for digital transformation, Mark Boris Andrijanič, is not to the liking of the opposition as he used to, until recently, work for Uber. (front page, page 2)


"Day for twists": The government is no longer in a hurry to adopt anti-Covid measures as it postponed the vote on the communicable diseases bill. The demographic fund bill has been pushed back too. The opposition has called for an early election. (front page, pages 2, 3)

"Everything looks different when you're in office": Ptuj Mayor Nuška Gajšek tells the paper she would like to get another term, commenting on her bid, municipal investments and the recent government visit to the region. (front page, page 15)

"Psychologist instead of prison": A young man from Gorenjska who planned a shooting spree has been released from detention. He got a suspended sentence and will have to undergo compulsory mental health treatment. (front page, page 21)

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