Daily headlines - Monday, 26 July

Ljubljana, 26 July - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Monday, 26 July:


"Pogačar came, saw and won a medal": Back-to-back Tour de France winner Tadej Pogačar has won the first Olympic medal for Slovenian cycling. (front page, 11, 12)

"Higher pensions for some": There are multiple bills in parliamentary procedure that would result in higher pensions for certain groups. Most revolve around correcting perceived past injustices. (front page, 2)

Restrictions in Croatia
"Croatia tightening restrictions today": All coastal municipalities in Croatia will tighten restrictions today. Most notably, covid certificates are mandatory at all events with 50-1000 participants. (front page)


Health insurance
"Government seeks to dominate health budget": The government is trying to change legislation in order to gain control of the public health insurer. It is not the first one to attempt that, but it is far less reserved than its predecessors in its efforts. (front page, 2, 12)

School ventilation
"Instead of investing in clean air, the Simona Kustec crowd holding their breath": Dnevnik has asked the ministry whether it would make sense to equip classrooms with ventilation systems designed by the Max Planck Institute. They have been writing an answer for 19 days. (front page, 3)

"The French surprise the Americans": The opening day of the Olympic basketball tournament brought a surprise as France beat the United States, the first defeat for the American team at an Olympic Games since 2004. (front page, 13-15)


Croatian property prices
"Overview of property prices on Croatian coast": If you are buying property on the Croatian coast, prices are lowest in Rijeka and Pula. (front page, 2-5)

Chip shortage
"How to increase chip production in Europe": The EU is trying to achieve technological sovereignty with a new European alliance for processors and semiconductors. The money for new capacities is available in the EUR 750bn recovery package. (front page, 6)


"He likes to be his own boss": The country is promoting the transfer of farms to younger generations. But despite financial incentives, transfers are delayed because the status of older farmers has not been sorted out. (front page, 2, 3)

"Door to medals open": One day of Olympic Games was enough for Slovenia to secure a medal as Tadej Pogačar won bronze in the road race. (front page, 16-19)

Rare diseases
"Lost when rare disease strikes": Even if you are diagnosed with a rare disease such as sarcoma, which is difficult to diagnose, there are networks and self-help groups that can help you navigate the illness. (front page, 4)

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