Daily headlines - Wednesday, 28 July

Ljubljana, 28 July - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Wednesday, 28 July:


Tokyo Olympics
"Tears of joy again for Tina Trstenjak": Tina Trstenjak, the defending judo champion in the women's 63 kg category from the Rio de Janeiro Olympics won the silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics. (front page, page 18)

"Prosecution Gordian knot": If the second call for European delegated prosecutors is not successful, the Justice Ministry plans to launch a third nomination procedure. Meanwhile, the two rejected candidates from the first call have again applied for the posts. (front page, page 2)

Ljubljana Festival
"Going from one to another of Puccini's masterpieces": Bulgarian soprano Sonya Yoncheva, one of the most sought-after vocalists of her generation, performed for the first time in Ljubljana in what was another musical delight of Ljubljana Festival. (front page)


"Janša's office devising monitoring efforts": Changes to the health insurance act are raising dust with the government aiming to disturb the status quo in healthcare. It seems that PM Janez Janša's office has had a say in the drawing up of the bill. (front page, page 2)

"Renovation of nursing hospital will finally start": In the second half of 2021, the UKC Ljubljana medical centre intends to finally launch the renovation of the nursing hospital. (front page, page 9)


Recovery plan
"Where will the money go and how to get it": Slovenia's recovery and resilience plan has been endorsed, unlocking EUR 2.5 billion for investments in various areas, including digitalisation and efforts to improve healthcare. (front page, pages 2, 3)

Online trading
"What and how is FURS checking": Online trading platforms have made life more difficult for the Financial Administration (FURS) as cases of tax return supervision are more complex and last longer. (front page, pages 4, 5)

"Moderna's next step: using mRNA against flu, Zika, HIV and cancer": Moderna has become one of the few biotechs that has really made it without the help of a bigger company. Its next move is to use mRNA technology to target flu, Zika, HIV and cancer. (front page, pages 6-8)


Tokyo Olympics
"Having a full set of medals": Judoka Tina Trstenjak has added a silver Olympic medal to gold from the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in what is the third medal for Slovenia at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. (front page, pages 22, 23)

Trade unions
"No longer running merely on ethics": The government's starting point in negotiations with nurses' trade unions is to raise their pay by 4-12%. Responding, the trade unions say that is only a beginning. (front page, pages 2, 3)

"Who is to blame for higher prices?": The power station TEŠ is blaming the local public utility company for higher heating prices in the Šaleška Valley, whereas the latter is saying the power plant is responsible for the situation. (front page, page 12)

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