E-vignettes fully replace toll stickers in Slovenia

Ljubljana, 1 February - Toll stickers are no longer valid on Slovenian motorways starting 1 February, as e-vignettes are being fully phased in. They are linked to an individual vehicle's registration number and their validity is no longer tied to the duration of a calendar year.

E-vignette sign.
Photo: STA
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As of 1 February, the sticker vignettes that have been in use in Slovenia for the last 13 years are to be discontinued in full, and the use of all toll roads in Slovenia is now possible only with an electronic vignette.

A new feature was also introduced - the validity of the annual e-vignette is no longer limited to the calendar year. Instead, it is valid for exactly one year, starting with the date that drivers choose themselves upon buying the e-vignette.

Each e-vignette is linked to the registration plates of an individual vehicle for which it was purchased, and its validity will be monitored by cameras installed all along the Slovenian motorway network, at checkpoints and in toll enforcement vehicles.

Users can buy e-vignettes either at physical points of sale, like petrol service stations, or online. Slovenia's state-run motorway company DARS said that it was the drivers' responsibility to correctly upload their registration number into the system when purchasing an e-vignette.

The e-vignettes first went on sale in December, and nearly 370,000 had been sold by Friday. DARS also said recently that sales had been running smoothly and without technical problems, but nevertheless warned of possible errors by users upon purchase, and urged people not to wait until the last moment to buy the e-vignette.

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