Daily headlines - Thursday, 3 March

Ljubljana, 3 March - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Thursday, 3 March:


Ukraine war
"Peace talks in the jungle": Russian and Ukrainian negotiators are expected to resume talks this morning. A ceasefire will be one of the items discussed, according to foreign media reports. (front page, 2-6, 9)

Rally in support of Ukraine
"Europe's fate decided in Ukraine": At yesterday's rally in support of Ukraine the speakers condemned Russia's aggression and highlighted Europe's and NATO's unity. (front page)

Sberbank acquisition
"NLB saves Sberbank clients from worry": The first day under NLB ownership, Sberbank conducted business as usual. NLB paid EUR 5.1 million for the acquisition. (front page, 11)

Energy policy in Germany
"Energy from Russian sources": Germany's Energiewende was supposed to reduce CO2 emissions and provide better energy security. Instead, Germany is now heavily reliant on Russian coal and gas. (front page, 13)


War in Ukraine
"Przemysl: Volunteers give it their all": The Polish border town of Przemysl is a space where solidarity, often uttered but often abused in political discourse, springs back to life. (front page, 2, 3)

Excess mortality
"Deaths exceed pre-pandemic levels again": In the Omicron-driven wave of the pandemic deaths once again rose above pre-pandemic levels. A notable spike was recorded in the second week of February. (front page, 5)

Energy prices in Ljubljana
"Huge outlays for electricity in common areas": Some residents in Ljubljana are seeing electricity bills for common areas of residential buildings skyrocket due to the expiry of old contracts with electricity providers that have since significantly raised prices. (front page, 8)


Stock markets
"What happens to stock markets during wars": Stock markets tend to fall at the start of wars but then quickly make up for lost ground. The recovery is not necessarily correlated with the course of the conflict. (front page, 2, 3)

Ljubljana mayor's finances
"Mayor Zoran Janković gets additional EUR 26,000 per month": Court documents show that Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Janković has sold the final portion of his non-performing claim to Electa, a company owned by his family, to businessman Jan Bec. He will be paid EUR 640,000, or EUR 26,000 per month over the next two years. (front page, 6)

Impact of war in Ukraine on car industry
"How the Ukraine war is ravaging the car industry": The European car industry has gone from the semiconductor crisis into a new crisis as supply chains and payments have been disrupted, leading to suspension of production in factories. (front page, 14)

Investments in health
"Another hundred million for walls in public healthcare": The Health Ministry is planning to spend EUR 85 million to complete the emergency ward at UKC Ljubljana. Smaller projects are planned at several other hospitals. (front page, 7)


Refugees in Ukraine
"Flight for life": Stories from the Ukrainian-Polish border are so cruel they should not be heard in the 21st century. The border regions are turning into giant refugee centres as the number of refugees looks set to hit a million soon. (front page, 2, 3)

Food prices
"War making wheat and food more expensive": Since Russia and Ukraine are among the world's largest wheat suppliers, the war in Ukraine is pushing wheat prices to new highs and is disrupting supplies. (front page, 4)

Maribor investments
"Renovation of Maister Square and fewer parking spots": The city is renovating Maister Square. There will be more greenery and 156 fewer parking spots. (front page, 18, 19)

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