Daily headlines - Tuesday, 8 March

Ljubljana, 8 March - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Tuesday, 8 March:


War in Ukraine
"Talks restricted to refugees, peace still remote": Russian and Ukrainian officials engaged in the third round of negotiations yesterday as Russian forces continued with their push in different parts of the country. Humanitarian corridors were the main topic of talks. (front page, 2-6, 10, 15)

Teachers' strike
"Strike in kindergartens and schools tomorrow": Teachers are going on strike tomorrow, angry that the government has not even responded to their demands, let alone invited them to the negotiating table. (front page, 7)

RTV Slovenija protest
"Attacks have become unprecedented": Reporting staff at public broadcaster RTV Slovenija yesterday staged a protest against the management and against brutal political pressure and attacks on them. (front page, 7)

End of mask mandate in schools
"Masks have finally come off": Students were able to cast their masks off yesterday. Some returned to school after months of being home schooled in protest at the mask mandate. (front page, 17)


Heating prices
"Big gas problem for Ljubljana": Energetika Ljubljana, the local power utility, has not yet purchased gas for the new gas-fired unit ahead of the scheduled launch in August. Gas is currently 15 times more expensive than it was a year ago. (front page, 7)

Fuel prices
"Some service stations ran out of gas": A surge in demand prompted by news that fuel prices will rise sharply today led to long lines at service stations last night. Some service stations ran out of gas. (front page, 5)


Russia sanctions
"What are the sanctions the west has imposed on Russia": The scope of sanctions the west has imposed on Russia is formidable. The full impact is not visible yet, but two things currently stand out: a sharp increase in the price of oil, and resolution of the European arm of Sberbank. (front page, 2, 3)

Impact of war on logistics
"How our logistics firms are coping with war and severing of ties": Some of the cargo that used to travel between China and Europe via rail through Russia has been diverted to aircraft, which has led to a capacity crunch. The prices of shipping services have been growing as well. (front page, 4)

Gas prices
"Gen-I: natural gas up 85% for new customers": Gen-I has announced that new customers will pay 85% more for natural gas, which will increase bills by about a third. The price for existing customers has not changed. (front page, 5)

Boardroom gender equality
"How many women are in the boardroom and what is their pay?": A survey by Deloitte shows the pandemic has had a negative impact on women's careers. More than three in four say their workload has increased and one in two say they want to change jobs in the next two years. (front page, 8)


"Prices rising": Announcements that fuel prices will rise have prompted many to fill up their tanks yesterday, leading to record lines at service stations. Fuel retailers say there is no reason to worry. (front page, 6)

Public broadcaster
"Against a political takeover": The discontent among RTV Slovenija staff has spilled onto the streets as journalists protested yesterday against political pressure and deteriorating work conditions. (front page, 4)

Relaxing of restrictions
"Without masks, no school day tomorrow": Children did not have to wear masks to school yesterday. Tomorrow, they have a free day as teachers go on strike, angry about the government's dismissive attitude to them. (front page, 2-4)

Ukraine refugees
"Looking for safety": If the Russian attacks escalate, up to five million refugees from Ukraine could arrive in the EU. (front page, 5)

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