Daily headlines - Thursday, 10 March

Ljubljana, 10 March - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Thursday, 10 March:


War in Ukraine
"Russian aggression making oil and flour more expensive": In addition to more expensive fuel and energy, the war in Ukraine is also expected to increase the prices of foodstuffs in the coming months, the Agriculture Ministry has warned. (front page, 2)

War in Ukraine
"Maternity ward also target of attack": The Russian bombing of Ukrainian cities is intensifying, with Russian aircraft having targeted a maternity ward in Mariupol, where 17 people were wounded. The Russians do not respect humanitarian corridors, either. (front page, 2-6, 9)

Strike in education
"Workers in education against disrespectful attitude": "We are turning our backs to the disrespectful attitude of the authorities", was one of the most important messages of yesterday's strike in a total of 652 educational institutions. (front page, 7)


Humanitarian aid to Ukraine
"'Response of Slovenians is exceptional. Thank you'": A lorry with aid from Slovenia for Ukrainian refugees that took off from Ljubljana on Monday has safely arrived to its destination, the city of Uzhhorod on the border with Slovakia. (front page)

Swiss franc loans
"All will pay for those who took risk": An analogy of the topical issue of borrowing in Swiss loans is borrowing at an adjustable interest rate, which is currently lower than the fixed rate, but could increase in the future. (front page, 6)


"How high a price rise for heating oil is around the corner": With calls for regulation of prices of motor fuels to be reintroduced in Slovenia again being raised, the paper examines what kind of an increase in the prices of heating oil can be expected. (front page, 2-3)

"Domel facilitating investment in new technologies of energy efficient electric motors": The electric motor manufacturer Domel generates more than a third of its revenue with products that are younger than three years, and it intends to continue the trends with EUR 33 million in investments in the next two years. (front page, 12-13)

Automotive industry
"Prices of used cars in Germany still reaching records": The prices of used cars in Germany, the most important market for Slovenia, continue to grow and nothing suggests that the growth could slow down any time soon. (front page, 14-15)


"Slovenia's breadbasket - closed": The supply of cereals from Hungary, from where Slovenia imports between 60 and 80 thousand tonnes of wheat a year, has been suspended. People are rushing to shops to buy flour stock and there are some issues with wholesale supplies. (front page, 5)

Government's travel costs
"Vizjak spends a lot of time on the road": Environment Minister is the record-holder with 92,094 kilometres travelled with the official car for his private affairs, while Interior Minister Aleš Hojs has used the Falcon government jet the most. (front page 4)

"He stalked students in locker room": A physical education teacher in a primary school in Ajdovščina is suspected of secretly recording students while they changed their clothes in the locker room. He has been dismissed and the case is also being probed by the police. (front page, 12)

Energy crisis
"Small number of applications for energy vouchers": There are some issues in the awarding of energy subsidies introduced by the Maribor municipality to tackle energy poverty, as only 60 people have applied so far. It is said that the procedure is too bureaucratic. (front page, 17)

Strike in education
"For respect and higher pay": Večer reporters visited a primary school in Maribor during yesterday's strike in the education sector, with one of the employees saying that the government had a "demeaning, uncultured and inappropriate" attitude towards teachers. (front page, 3)

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