Daily headlines - Friday, 11 March

Ljubljana, 11 March - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Friday, 11 March:


Ukraine war
"Russian soldiers show no mercy to children": Yesterday's talks between the Russian and Ukrainian foreign ministers in Antalya, Turkey, brought no progress regarding a ceasefire in Ukraine and the setting up of humanitarian corridors. The ministers expressed willingness for talks to continue. (front page, 2-5, 7)

"Defending euro against inflation": The European Central Bank (ECB) has expectedly kept interest rates unchanged. Russian invasion is a turning point for Europe, said Christine Lagarde, ECB head. (front page, 10)

Oncology Institute
"Lack of space getting worse": Every year there are 2% more patients with cancer and the staff and building of the Oncology Institute cannot keep up. (front page, 6)


"How to teach children who do not speak Slovenian": Children who do not understand Slovenian have problems at school, say teachers from schools in Kranj, where there are many families who moved in from abroad. They are preparing systemic changes that would also come handy during potential inclusion of Ukrainian children in Slovenian schools. (front page, 7, commentary 14)

"Olaj's aide revealed identity of protected witness": A former criminal investigator who was hired by Police Commissioner Anton Olaj revealed at a drug trafficking trial the identity of a criminal investigator who worked under cover. (front page, 5)


General election
"Accounts open, last players entering the scene": In addition to all nine parliamentary parties, 13 non-parliamentary parties are ready to stand in the April general election, with their accounts already open. (front page, 3)

Unemployment benefits
"Low unemployment benefits": Unemployment benefits range from EUR 892 to EUR 530 gross, most unemployed do not receive them and the self-employed only rarely. (front page, 5)

Lendava geothermal plant
"Hidden side of the geothermal plant project": Although the planned Lendava geothermal plant has been presented as an environmentally friendly project, it turns out that the turbine of the plant will not be powered by hot water but evaporated ammonia. (front page, 24)

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