Daily headlines - Friday, 18 March

Ljubljana, 18 March - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Friday, 18 March:


Aviation industry
"Flagship Pipistrel going to American hands": Ivo Boscarol is no longer the majority owner of the Ajdovščina-based ultralight aircraft maker Pipistrel, which has been sold to the US aviation company Textron, the owner of the Beechcraft, Hawker and Cessna brands. The deal is worth EUR 218 million. (front page, 11)

Refugees from Ukraine
"Number of refugees is unprecedented": The European crisis management commissioner, Slovenia's Janez Lenarčič, has told Delo in an interview that a million refugees coming from Ukraine to the EU in one week represents migration that has not been seen since the end of WWII. (front page, 2)

Russia's attack on Ukraine
"Wall between freedom and lack of freedom": The global public has condemned the Russian army for Wednesday's brutal bombing of a theatre in Mariupol, where several thousand people, of whom the majority are children, have tried to find shelter. (front page, 2-5)


General election
"Mesec and Golob will run in the same electoral district": An interesting detail in the 24 April general election is that at least five party presidents will run in two electoral districts, with one of the most interesting face-off being between Luka Mesec of the Left and Robert Golob of the Freedom Movement in the Ljubljana Center district. (front page, 3)

Transport infrastructure
"Many new connections under railway": The municipality of Ljubljana and the government have signed an agreement on co-financing of construction or reconstruction of twelve underpasses for vehicles and pedestrians under railway lines in the capital. (front page, 8)


General election
"Centre-left going for victory": As the opposition Social Democrats (SD) has presented its list of candidates and the Freedom Movement of Robert Golob is holding an electoral convention tomorrow, the paper wonders what the Golob-Janša duel means for small parties. (front page, 2-3)

War in Ukraine
"How a country becomes neutral": Ukraine as a neutral country is being mentioned increasingly frequently as an option in the talks between Russia and Ukraine, the paper notes, pointing to the examples of Austria and Sweden. (front page, 6)

Tragic death
"Police investigating death of mother after giving birth": A tragedy took place in the UKC Maribor hospital at the beginning of March, as a mother who gave birth to a child with a caesarean section in the 39th week of pregnancy died two days later. (front page, 12)

"Saint bringing three nations together": As Church dignitaries have met in preparation of a meeting of believers from Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary in Slovenia's Beltinci, which will be held on 8 October, in honour of Saint Ladislas, they stressed that there will be no specific invitations for politicians. (front page, 24)

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