Daily headlines - Thursday, 31 March

Ljubljana, 31 March - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Thursday, 31 March:


Election in Hungary
"Another election with an error on the horizon": The electrified pre-election atmosphere in Hungary is accompanied by worries that the election will not be organised in accordance with high democratic standards. (front page, 5, 7)

War in Ukraine
"Russia not respecting its own commitments": Although the Russian negotiators announced at Tuesday's negotiations in Istanbul that the Russian army will scale back its activity in Chernihiv and Kyiv, this did not happen, as large-scale artillery attacks and airstrikes continue. (front page, 6-7)

Election campaign
"Civil society increasing pre-election mobilisation": The 8 March Institute has started collecting signatures in support of a bill aimed at repealing government legislation that it deems harmful, which was submitted to parliamentary procedure in mid-March. (front page, 3)


Electricity production
"Even poorer conditions for solar power plants?": It seems that Slovenia "has fallen asleep" when it comes to the deployment of solar power plants and electricity self-sufficiency, as the state policy and networks do not keep up with the interests from residents. (front page, 2, commentary 12)

Housing prices
"Avenue of broken political promises": Prices of apartments have skyrocketed in recent years, and an increasing number of people can only dream of having their own roof over their heads. Politicians are promising a lot during the campaign. (front page, 3)


Housing construction
"We will increase prices of unsold apartments tomorrow": This is the announcement by Spektra Invest of businessman Izet Rastoder, which is building the tallest apartment building in Slovenia, in Ljubljana's borough of Šiška. (front page, 2-3)

"How to get a subsidy for green tourism": A total of EUR 300,000 is available in a new call for applications for environmental and sustainability certificates, while a call for applications for subsidised investments is coming in April. (front page, 6-7)

"Bisol would open at least 200 jobs in Velenje, but things got stuck": The photovoltaic module producer Bisol is mulling a new investment in production in Velenje. Some EUR 40 million would be invested in the next five years to create 200-250 jobs. (front page, 5)


Schools in Maribor
"Dilapidated and ruined": Tabor I, the third largest primary school in Maribor with some 600 children and 85 employees, has issues with its building - the majority of the windows will not open, almost half of radiators do not work and hallways are no longer straight as the foundations are sinking. (front page, 18-19)

Election campaign
"Left conquering cities, right countryside": The countryside is the main pool for rightist populists for collecting votes in the elections, and Slovenia is no exception. This brings increasing polarisation of society. (front page, 3)

"Sentenced for robbery, accomplices imprisoned abroad": The Celje court has sentenced Alen Čibarić from Koper to three years and five months in prison for a brutal robbery of an elderly couple in Frankolovo in May 2020. (front page, 3)

Environmental pollution
"Toxic fertilisation of agricultural land": After the scandal with sewage sludge, a new one is apparently about to happen: some farmers have fertilised their land with granulate that is suspected to be gypsum with high lead content from the Steklarna Rogaška glassworks. (front page, 23)

Alpine skiing
"We have to put our foot down for Golden Fox": The news that the Golden Fox, the traditional women's Alpine Ski World Cup event organised in Slovenia, did not make it to the first draft of the 2022/23 season calendar, has prompted calls for sport officials to leverage their influence and do something about it. (front page, 16)

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