Daily headlines - Thursday, 7 April

Ljubljana, 7 April - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Thursday, 7 April:


Slovenia-US relations
"Good relations with US bring more security": The key Slovenian foreign policy players, President Borut Pahor, Prime Minister Janez Janša and Foreign Minister Anže Logar, are all very much pro-American. This was the basic precondition for improvement of relations with the US over the past two years. (front page, 5)

Science protest
"Science demands own ministry": Scientists staged a rally to protest against the creation of new faculties and institutes in what are political decisions not backed by rigorous analysis. They made nine demands, one of which is the formation of an independent ministry of higher education. (front page)

"Pahor's pre-election dilemmas": President Borut Pahor says it is necessary to define before election day what exactly it means that someone is the relative winner of the election. Constitutional law expert Igor Kaučič says this may be important for voters, but for the president, who proposes the PM-designate, it is of secondary importance. (front page, 3)


Election campaign
"We've investigated the candidates begging for your vote": Dnevnik creates an average candidate using the features of all 1,417 candidates running for parliament to find that the average candidate is a 48-year-old male with higher education. (front page, 2-3, 12)

Solar subsidies
"No new subsidies for solar plants yet": The government has pledged to provide EUR 15 million in fresh funding for solar plant subsidies, after the Eco Fund ran out of money for this instrument. But even if the money is found, Eco Fund does not have the resources to process all applications, and the money will not solve the growing problem of connecting new solar arrays to the grid. (front page, 4)


New road law
"DARS's monopoly": Under the new roads act confirmed in parliament yesterday DARS, the national motorway company, will be the only one allowed to remove broken down vehicles from the motorway. The impact on insurers, which offer roadside assistance, could be significant. (front page, 4)

"Robot developed in Kočevje eyeing America": Yaskawa used to built robots developed in Japan. Now, the Slovenia-based Japanese company has developed its first robot, called GP 20. Yaskawa US is interested in selling it in America. (front page, 13)


Science protest
"On the street for science": Scientists staged a rally in support of independent science and in protest against the creation of new regional institutes and faculties that they claim will degrade Slovenian science. (front page, 2, 3)

Ukraine war
"Bucha, Kočevje's twin city, is gone": Kočevje Mayor Vladimir Prebilič recalls spending time in Bucha, Kočevje's partner city. Once a desired location for the residents of Kyiv has now been razed to the ground. (front page, 5)

Radwaste repository construction
"Fear of TEŠ6 repeat": The construction of a radwaste repository adjacent to the Krško nuclear power station is being delayed. Krško Mayor Miran Stanko fears the latest problems pave the way for a scenario of cost overruns and corruption witnessed during the construction of the new unit at the Šoštanj thermal power plant. (front page, 4)

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