Daily headlines - Monday, 20 June

Ljubljana, 20 June - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Monday, 20 June:


Tour of Slovenia
"Pogačar fills up the largest Slovenian stadium": Slovenia's Tadej Pogačar, the two-time winner of the Tour de France, produced a true spectacle in the last five days to win the race around Slovenia to the delight of some 100,000 fans who gathered along the route. (front page, 3, 13)

Business executives
"He is not thinking about entering politics": Joc Pečečnik, who recently sold his company Interblock, a leading global manufacturer of electronic table games for casinos, sees opportunities in wood, golf and tourism. He is not interested in who heads the government. (front page, 4)

Digital vouchers
"Older people have questions": EUR 150 vouchers for persons aged 55 and older will be redeemable only by those who attend trainings in digital literacy. While relevant organisations welcome the vouchers, they say that the procedure to obtain them is discriminatory. (front page, 19)


Tour of Slovenia
"Pogačar shines around Slovenia": Slovenia's Tadej Pogačar won the Tour of Slovenia for a second time in a row on Sunday to declare that he is ready for his main goal of the season - a third win in a row at the Tour de France. (front page, 13)

Vox Populi
"We are monitoring how the government will manage prices": The July Vox Populi poll sees the public as not very convinced that the government of Robert Golob will be able to manage the rising prices. Almost half of the respondents does not know whether the government has been successful or unsuccessful so far. (front page, 2-3)


"What awaits you if you have a loan with variable interest rate": The era of negative or zero EURIBOR is ending, as the six-month EURIBOR is currently at 0.2% and is still growing. This means change in instalments for loans with a variable interest rate. (front page, 2-3)

"First cracks in Golob's coalition - due to concessions in healthcare": The issue of awarding concessions to private practitioners to implement public healthcare programmes is becoming the first visible crack between the three parties of the coalition headed by Robert Golob. (front page, 5)

Rising prices
"How companies cope with prices of raw materials and energy": The paper looks at where companies can protect their position in terms of the prices of raw materials and energy and to what levels prices could increase in the next 12 months. (front page, 6-7)


Tour of Slovenia
"Cycling euphoria": Slovenia's Tadej Pogačar won the Tour of Slovenia on Sunday to establish himself as a favourite at the Tour de France. Slovenia cheered for Pogačar and cycled at the same time as many cycling events were held in the country at the same time. (front page, 2, 9, 17-19, 32)

Public opinion poll
"Golob leads, but less convincing": All five parliamentary parties would make it to parliament if elections were held last Sunday, shows a Ninamedia poll conducted for Večer between 14 and 16 June among 70 respondents. (front page, 3)

Humanitarian campaign
"Marathon with a humanitarian touch": Special attention at this year's Poli Marathon in Ptuj was paid to children with cerebral palsy and other persons with intellectual disabilities. (front page, 9)

State institutions
"National laboratory under attack": The new government has replaced its representatives in the council of the the National Laboratory for Health, Environment and Food (NLZOH), which on Friday voted that the seat of the laboratory, which employs 817 people, be moved to Ljubljana. The decision was later suspended. (front page, 4)

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