Daily headlines - Wednesday, 6 July

Ljubljana, 6 July - Below is a review of the headlines in Slovenian dailies for Wednesday, 6 July:


Labour market
"Unemployment hasn't been this low in 30 years": Slovenia's unemployment rate (5.9%) has never been as low in the 30 years since independence, says Saša Boštjančič, director of employment portal Optius.com, adding that for the first time Slovenia crossed the natural unemployment rate. (front page, page 9)

Wheat harvest
"A third in silos, purchase price not known yet": Against the backdrop of bad news from Ukraine, the roaring combines spewing out waterfalls of ripe wheat in the Pomurje region are a soothing sight, but it is also a deceptive image given the many concerns in the year of global food chaos. (front page, page 17)

"Drought like no other in a long time": Italy is grappling with grave heat and drought of a kind not seen in at least seven decades. An emergency situation has been declared in five regions that are the engine of Italy's economy and agriculture. (front page, page 6)


Energy crisis
"How to prepare for freezing winter?": There are increasing concerns that Russia will not resume gas supplies after it completes maintenance of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline. Experts are urging the population to get ready to economise. (front page, page 5)

Border fence
"'Improbability of the fence standing at all'": It is seven years this year since the Miro Cerar government erected a razor-wire fence on the border. Croatian director Tiha K. Gudac, who has shot a film about life along the border fence, says Europe is destroying itself by building fences. (front page, page 10, commentary 12)


Electric cars
"Prices, offering and range of electric cars in Slovenia": The offering of electric cars on the market has expanded considerably in the past year, but prices have gone up disproportionately high. (front page, pages 12, 13)

EU recovery funds
"Who apart Slovenia now has got less and who more": Slovenia now has less money available for recovery, instead of EUR 1.8 billion in grants, it can now count on EUR 1.5 billion as the European Commission updated the figures. (front page, pages 4, 5)

"How would ECB help euro countries if prices of their borrowing went wild": As the ECB raises key interest rates on 21 July for the first time in 11 years, it is planning to tap on the principal of maturing bonds of Germany, France and the Netherlands if necessary to buy the bonds of the most vulnerable euro countries to prevent a jump in their borrowing costs. (front page, pages 2-4)


Wheat harvest
"Chaos in wheat market": Even though the state has promised to buy up Slovenia's entire wheat crop, some mills have rushed ahead. Harvesting is under way, but purchase prices are not known yet. (front page, page 6)

Maribor mayoral race
"Why is Kangler sowing sunflowers in July": Incumbent Saša Arsenovič is getting first challengers for the autumn mayoral election in Maribor. (front page, page 17)

Seaside accident
"Kid was drowning as most were just watching": A little boy calling for his brother to help in Fiesa caught the attention of a nurse, who dived in with her partner and saved the boy from drowning. (front page, page 12)

"European start with Belarusians": Maribor will face Belarus's football champions Shakhtyor Soligorsk tonight for their first fixture in the first round of qualifying for the UEFA Champions League. (front page, pages 14, 15)

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